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Company Description

As a headhunter, Recruscope uses all the digital tools available but favors a direct and personalized approach (we talk to each candidate) to find the right person for the right position.
But Recruscope is more than a headhunter. We are a talent and personality hunter. Since managerial talent calls on all dimensions of a person, we use a rigorous methodology that allows us to select the most promising candidates for your position.
Recruscope is a recruitment firm of middle and executive managers (presidents, directors, VP, account manager, managers) that brings people together. Our personalized approach is based on 10 years of experience in executive recruiting and solid expertise in several business sectors. Even if your recruiting needs are very specific, we invite you to challenge us!
Thanks to our direct approach we know how to create short lists of potential candidates who are interested and interesting candidates.

Contact : 438-870-7075
Montréal, QC