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Recruscope puts at your service an approach based on listening and the art of negotiation. This invaluable asset can make all the difference in the recruitment process of an executive.

Recruscope offers you an approach based on listening and the art of negotiation. This invaluable asset can make a huge difference during the process of recruiting an executive. Just send us your CV.

A results-driven executive search firm

As a headhunter, Recruscope uses all available digital tools but favors a direct and personalized approach (we talk to each candidate) to find the right person for the right position.
But Recruscope is more than a headhunter. We are a hunter of talents and personalities . Since managerial talent calls on all dimensions of a person, we use a rigorous methodology that allows us to select the most promising candidates for your position.
Recruscope is a recruitment firm for middle and executive executives (presidents, directors, VP, account manager, managers) that brings people together. Our personalized approach is based on 10 years of experience in executive recruiting and solid expertise in several business sectors. Even if your recruiting needs are very specific, we invite you to challenge us!
Thanks to our direct approach we know how to create short lists of potential candidates who are interested and interesting candidates.

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Speed ​​up your recruitment process and hire

There is no point in running, you have to start on time!
As an experienced recruiter, we are well aware of the evolution and factors that complicate the hiring of executives. We are comfortable with concepts such as labour shortages, new demands for strategic positions, changing mindsets in society and business, new leadership styles, the inevitable work-life balance and the many other factors that are disrupting the world of work today.
An optimal recruitment process always starts with a frank discussion about your recruitment needs . What is the profile of the candidate sought? How long has the position been open? Did you make an offer? If so, why was it refused? Does this position have a high turnover rate? When do you want the person to start? What is the salary scale for the position? These questions and many others are of the utmost importance. Call us today to discuss it.
From experience, we know that any recruiting process, even the one that seems easiest at first, can be fraught with pitfalls. “The devil is in the details,” they say. This is why we see recruitment primarily as an accompaniment. We will be facilitating agents towards the solution of your “hiring challenge”.
With Recruscope, you will see the difference!

The 5 steps of a successful recruitment process

As a recruiter, we carry out a careful analysis of your needs. We quickly take actionby tapping into our business networks and reviewing our candidate banks. We call potential candidates directly and do an initial interview with the most promising. We then present you with a verbal or written report on the candidate selected for an interview. Then you receive a weekly activity report on the progress of the recruitment process. Finally, we keep in touch after hiring for the next step.
Recruscope will be at your side to suggest, select and attract the best talent to quickly fill your managerial and executive positions.

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